The Problem

The future of India sails or sinks with the future of its young women, who are otherwise very vulnerable. The situation is grave in remote and isolated parts of the country; it needs serious consideration and timely action.

Of the young women, in the age group of 16-24 years, in rural Bihar

DROP OUT of formal education


forced into EARLY MARRIAGE



*Source: National Family Health Survey-5

Lack of exposure to role models and a limited network of supportive relationships mean that many women would continue to follow the conventional trajectory and lead a life of low aspirations and unacknowledged identity.

This also causes their structural exclusion from several dimensions of socio-economic participation.

The Opportunities

A huge potential of approx. 10 million young women in Bihar (100 million in India) remain untapped.

We believe that enabling these local young women to solve grassroots level issues will drive transformative change in their personal life and create a nurturing ecosystem for other girls and women.

Solving educational challenges is our medium to build them as leaders.

i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

The Leadership Development Program

i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

Personal Leadership

  • Practice and learn to set, act on and achieve goals.
  • Grow a portfolio of leadership skills and attitudes- e.g. interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, perseverance, confidence, self-efficacy.
  • Become inspirational role models.
i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

Educational Leadership

  • Educational inclusion of marginalised children by getting them enrolled and engaged in local government school.
  • Delivering life-skills to children in government schools and community spaces.
  • Enhance parental engagement.
i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

Community Leadership

  • Build networks of supportive relationships to become local community change agents in the long run.
  • Engage in developmental causes through direct and collective action.
  • Actively contribute towards a just and gender-equitable society.

The Impact


Join Us

Join us in shaping a new learning movement geared towards equity and potentialities.


Live Experiences

  • i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

    My kids are now eager to go to school every morning.

    Radha Devi

    (Parent of fellow’s student, house wife)

  • i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

    After joining i-Saksham, I have become more confident and have found my true calling and am working on it. I am supporting my family. Other girls in the community want to be like me.


    (Fellowship batch: 2017-2019)

  • i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

    i-Saksham has changed my perception towards life and career. I am now more aware of the options available to me for pursuing a good career. Earlier I used to think that getting a government job is the only thing for a successful life.


    (Fellowship batch: 2017-2019)

  • i-saksham education youth NGO rural bihar

    After joining i-Saksham, I feel there is someone who understands me and my dreams. I am seeing my confidence growing and knowledge increasing.


    (Fellowship batch: 2019-2021)

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